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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Sheree is amazing.  After just a couple hours with her, I knew I needed her expertise and guidance for my entire house and garage.  She was able to provide factual and unbiased advice that made each decision quick and painless – decisions that would have normally prevented me from tackling the organizing challenge.  If it weren’t for Sheree, we would have never found the backup disc of all our lost images from when my children were babies.  I was in tears as I realized what she had found.  I couldn’t believe it.  I thought those images were gone forever.  Now as I walk through each clean and organized room I can’t help smiling and thinking “I have a new house!”  The clear space and beautiful drawers and cute, clearly labeled baskets have lifted my spirits and motivated me to do some home improvements to finish off the project.  Before we hired Sheree, things would pile up in every space of the house.  Trying to clean and find a home for everything was prohibitively overwhelming.  Now that I have a clean slate and I know where everything goes, it is easy to file papers and tidy up the house.  Months afterward, my house is still just as clean and organized as on the first day.  I recommend Sheree to anyone who is frustrated, depressed, or overwhelmed with their clutter. "

- Koos Ellis

“My darling, darling friends.  I'm sending this email story to introduce you to my PERSONAL ORGANIZER Sheree Reed.  :-)  I am not the most organized person (and those of you that have seen my desk understand!)  I was blessed with being introduced to SHEREE (thanks Jocelyn) and I am now feeling like I am starting to get my life back.  SHEREE has been instrumental in teaching me how to be organized, and become more proactive and productive.    As I was reading Dan's story below, I realized how true it is that you need MOMENTUM.  Sheree has been my "momentum" over these last few months and I'm starting to see there IS light at the end of the tunnel.  If you know of anyone who could use Sheree's help (yourself, family member, coworker, boss - ha ha), please refer them to Sheree.....you will feel a great weight lifted off your shoulders! :-)  If you have a pile of papers or closets to clean out, Sheree attacks it with positive motivation and professionalism.  From the smallest to the biggest job, she is loyal and dedicated and GETS THE JOB DONE!  :-) Sheree works wonderfully in any setting, whether it be home, business office or even helping clean & "stage" houses for sale.

Her contact info is: "Organize It With Sheree"  (253) 970 4145 email: sreed2001@comcast.net”

- Betty

“Sheree helped me to pack up and organize my home to show for selling. It involved getting a POD and moving furniture, packing, and securing the load. She was wonderful. She always showed up on time and was constantly moving. She donated boxes and packing materials, too. You can count on Sheree. She gets the job done!”

- Teresa Farrell, Internet Entrepeneur

“Get that organizing done! I purchased a couple hours with Sheree` Reed at a benefit auction. After working with her, I hired her for more! She has great ideas, works fast and will spur you into action!  -Patti Shannon

Sheree',Thank you for your help with our office.  The organizing has continued and the amount of relief I feel is incredible. . .and I want more. :)  Thank you again for your talents and I look forward to our next meeting.”

- Jody

“After my husband passed away, my once organized basement turned in to a huge mountain of stuff. Our kids would come over to borrow things when they brought them back they did not put them back where they were or knock over something like a box of nails and not pick them up. When both of my parents were put into a nursing home my basement was the new home for all of the family’s memories. At some point it became the mountain of stuff, when you open the door you would throw something in and close the door really fast so it didn’t fall back on you; it was scary.  That’s when I called in Sheree` she came in and just started going through things for me. She set aside anything that was memorabilia for me to go through when I was ready. She helped me determine what tools and household items I needed to keep, and the rest went in the Garage Sale. My husband had a lot of things that I no longer would be using like fishing poles, golf clubs, power tools and firearms so Sheree` helped me to sell this and many other things in my basement a huge garage sale. I made over $1100.00 in Sale. Sheree` helped me with a task I would not have been able to complete myself. I feel like I have a fresh start to my life. Thanks Sheree`”

- Irene Shultz

“Sheree` helped me do a complete overhaul on my house, I was not totally disorganized but needed some help in thinning things out in each room. I learned how to make things that I already have; work better for me. Sheree` has many pictures of my house displayed in her book. I worked with Sheree` on these projects before she started her business. I think this is when she realized her own talent, and how much she could help other people. Sheree` is a joy to work with and is a great motivator. Thank You Sheree`”

- Darlene Moscho

“I love it when Sheree` comes over; I get so much done.”  Sheree’ helped me in each room of my house.  We started in the kitchen and dining area and when we were finished I had more cabinet space than I thought possible. I realized I was holding on to so much from my past. She also helped me in the family room, laundry room, a few closets and my sewing area. I have plans for her help in the future with the garage.”

- Melissa

“Sheree` worked in our medical office to help us get our patient files and supplies more organized. She is very efficient and has a lot of new ideas to make things work better for us. She works great with everyone in the office.”

- Char

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